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There are so many things going on right now. Between COVID-19, economic worries, the heat waves of summer, and Zoom calls, there's a lot to keep up with.

Kuluntu will be offering virtual doula services as well as virtual versions of many past events, including Minding My Birthing Business, as we get through this pandemic together.

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About Us


Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center is a services and events hub in Atlanta that serves to support marginalized individuals and families in order for them to create and sustain a supportive community.

Kuluntu (koo-loon-too) is a Xhosa word that means "community." Individuals and families thrive in healthy communities.

Minding My Birthing Business

Are you a doula, birthworker, or service-based entrepreneur? Are you struggling with finding clients or having a hard time with the business part of Small Business Owner?

Sign up for Minding My Birthing Business, a webinar series being offered throughout the quarantine to help birthworkers continue to do their lifesaving work.

Wed. May 27 from 1-3pm: Supporting LGBTQ+ families panel

Thurs. June 11 from 1-3pm: Using social media to gain clients with Aeryka of @T3doulaservices

Small Business Baddies

Are you a queer or trans person of color who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Are you tired of working within the system of capitalism and ready to work independently to create a new world?

Do you want to meet a bunch of Baddies who are also working on putting their offerings into the world? You're in the perfect place.

The next round of Small Business Baddies begins on August 13th. Click below to start the process of enrolling.

Yes, I'm ready to be a Baddie!